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Moore Nanotechnology Systems was created in 1997 in a joint effort by start up machinist Mr. Len Chaloux with funding from Mr. Newman Marsilius III, owner of Moore Tool located in Bridgeport, Connecticut. In 1995, they met at the International Conference of Precision Engineering at UC Berkeley. In 1994, Mr. Marsilius bought Moore Special Tool Co. and incorporated it into his family business, Producto Machine, both conveniently based out of Bridgeport, Connecticut. From that conference, they agreed to stay in touch and the rest is history!

“Marsilius called me out of the blue and said if I were to advance you some money do you think you could start a business in Keene? I’ll give you a 2 million dollar investment to start and see what you can do.” -Mr. Len Chaloux interview March 8, 2020

Though Mr. Chaloux was let go from Taylor Hobson/Pneumo, his former colleagues still working there had deep loyalties to him. They were against the British venture capitalists new decisions with Taylor Hobson/Pneumo and many decided to instead find employment with Mr. Chaloux developing the new start up, Moore Nanotechnology. Mr. Chaloux said “I knew once I started something a majority of the senior people would all come work for me.”

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